Tuesday, April 28, 2009

taking a stand

"No, Koen. I refuse to go along with this plan. A convoy robbery is one thing, but now that there's full civil..."

An artillery shell went off outside the Consulate so I couldn't hear the rest of the sentence, even if it he was piping it straight into my head from his soul chip.

"But what if..."

"Koen, this is a war. There is nothing more dangerous. If whomever wants my matrix wants to wade through a battle to get it, that makes the mission easier for me as he draws fire."

We've been to New Erebus. I've been to Fusang. We both knew the risks.

"You're making sense. As usual."

Ama looked back at us from the balcony as she reloaded her rifle.

"I swore to protect the Emperor and the Baron. I must act."

I sighed. I looked at the Staff and the refugees who barricaded themselves in the corner with his furniture. Screaming kids. Pregnant women. Ash's aspic-looking pet with the giant mouth was shivering like a leaf.

"Alright. Where do I plug you in?"

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