Friday, September 19, 2008


So the Novem thing didn't work out last night. Oh well. At least I got to talk to Kira for a while. I breezed through Steelhead and felt real hungry, so I fell into an old habit. Unfortunately the rat I caught was clockwork. I know Emilly's store sells them, but there's something familiar about this gear setup. I'm not a Spark so I gave it to Lunar for Tensai to look over. (Back from the future already, apparently.)

Purdie gave Fuzz a mini-Tardis that almost protects him from bullets. Which it did. Personally? I'd take a mirage maker that makes the bullets miss you completely. So what if it makes you look like you're dancing out of sync? The laws of physics are so screwed up in this realm it looks like you and your partner are dancing with ghosts instead of each other half the time anyway!

Meanwhile that magic poison-proof cup thing is still missing. And if you assume I'm probably the only one looking for it, I've got a bridge in Steelhead to sell you.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

sinking, thinking and drinking

Ash and I took it upon ourselves to give that lobster-demon a decent burial. Ash got a lot of funny looks as we carried that coffin through town with the Foundation flag on it, especially from the SWAT team. To be honest he gave me a start myself when I saw him. (I'm not gonna steal his thunder. You just have see him for yourself.)

We both knew enough about Ereb'ai customs. An aquatic species like his would want a burial at sea. The Styx is a ways off, so the Pacific will have to do. We had time for small talk. Ash and I talked a lot as he stuck his propeller hand in the water at the back of the rowboat and pushed us out of sight of land. We talked about deep, personal stuff. I told him it's every person's mission to figure out who he is. And since he's my brother I'll support him every step of the way. He told me it's only logical that I make time for myself and those I care about.

We both admitted we felt that Instinct before Aunt Lumina took the title of Regent. Yes, I thought about become Regent myself. But the brilliant part is giving it to someone who won't abuse the title like Demonfather did. Yes, she's got that glow that stops evil in its tracks, but is a figurehead enough to keep the family together?

We did agree on something. We can't let Qlippothic and Nova hang out together. With that eye of Yogga-Wogga or whatever it is and them both hearing the call of the Old Ones...well no campsongs around the fire for them.

We found a good spot, and Ash found a dedication (what passes among in Hell for "prayers" aren't repeatable topside) for the most loyal of fallen servants. The coffin slid past the flag as we tilted the coffin. There was a quick splash we lost sight of it under the waves.

I mentioned how Tensai had a time-travel accident. There wasn't much we could do with the GT still crippled, except for Qlippothic and her Eye. But that might be risky in itself.

We tried to figure out what lobster-boy was doing in Steelhead to begin with. Ash tells me he was the Sommelier, the winemaster on board that demon-ship. He should have been wearing a tastevin, a small cup on a necklace chain that they use to take a good look at wine before they pour it for the King. He said with his station in the Court, his tastevin would have been enchanted to protect him from the court of Erebus, spiking each others' bottles was a common pastime.

I think this is starting to make sense now.

~K the K

Friday, September 5, 2008

A funny thing happened on the way to the wake

Gem called me crying to ask me to take over as she was winding down. As I'm creepin' down Laudanum I see none other that Aleister himself! Out in the open. I step out of the shadows and have a chat.

"I am here to pay my respects to the Founder. I have no threats or deceptions this night." He says this in his Swiss/Belgian accent that I'm too lazy to write out.

"Fair enough" I say. "You've had some staffing problems lately haven't you?"

He rolled his eyes at me. "For that reason I have abandoned my plans to take Winterfell by force. And now with the Hydra freed, we have a common enemy far more dangerous than we are to each other. I wish to arrange a d├ętente."

Then he tells me that he still supplies most of Winterfell with bloodwine which is why a sparsely populated region like this is crawling with vampires and the human population is neither dying off nor constantly anemic. If we kill him off, the vamps might get hungry and wander south into Caledon for midnight snacks before they find new suppliers. Furthermore he'll start supplying Dr. Mason again for his Reanimation Serum ingredient as long as he leaves him alone.

"You mean I didn't have to hunt game for blood??"

"You staked me before I could tell you."


He couldn't come in when he saw Lumina's glow through the window. It's that sunlight thing.

"An excellent choice...for you. I have one warning before I leave. Your sister, Qlippothic. She is in league with the Old Ones. She uses the Eye of Yog Sothoth to circumvent the Edict on the Masons against time travel! Mark my words! She must be purged of her madness or she will unleash horrors upon us far more dangerous than the Hydra!"

Before I could voice my opinion he vanished in the mist. Such Drama.

Oh, I updated the Heroes and Villains entries. Look down.

~K the K

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Founder is Dead...

I never moved so fast in any of my lives. I kept both hands on my sachel. I kept to the shadows, past where I'd seen the Sheriff fall. I saw Jobias and Dr. O in the saloon, crouched over a table gloating in the over a couple glasses of red. I could have slit both their throats right then and there, but there were bigger things at stake.

I should have realized it before, why the Hydra kidnapped Lumina. Why an ancient creature was so scared of one woman as to imprison her with magic, but unwilling...unable to kill her outright.

I straightened up and rang my Aunt's doorbell. I smiled weakly, squinting at first from her glow. She hugged me and told me to come in. I asked to sit down with her.

We needed to talk.