Friday, September 19, 2008


So the Novem thing didn't work out last night. Oh well. At least I got to talk to Kira for a while. I breezed through Steelhead and felt real hungry, so I fell into an old habit. Unfortunately the rat I caught was clockwork. I know Emilly's store sells them, but there's something familiar about this gear setup. I'm not a Spark so I gave it to Lunar for Tensai to look over. (Back from the future already, apparently.)

Purdie gave Fuzz a mini-Tardis that almost protects him from bullets. Which it did. Personally? I'd take a mirage maker that makes the bullets miss you completely. So what if it makes you look like you're dancing out of sync? The laws of physics are so screwed up in this realm it looks like you and your partner are dancing with ghosts instead of each other half the time anyway!

Meanwhile that magic poison-proof cup thing is still missing. And if you assume I'm probably the only one looking for it, I've got a bridge in Steelhead to sell you.

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Kira said...

Things are so wierd right about now... Hopefully there will be other nights-- I'm spinning every week *poke poke*