Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Founder is Dead...

I never moved so fast in any of my lives. I kept both hands on my sachel. I kept to the shadows, past where I'd seen the Sheriff fall. I saw Jobias and Dr. O in the saloon, crouched over a table gloating in the over a couple glasses of red. I could have slit both their throats right then and there, but there were bigger things at stake.

I should have realized it before, why the Hydra kidnapped Lumina. Why an ancient creature was so scared of one woman as to imprison her with magic, but unwilling...unable to kill her outright.

I straightened up and rang my Aunt's doorbell. I smiled weakly, squinting at first from her glow. She hugged me and told me to come in. I asked to sit down with her.

We needed to talk.

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