Friday, September 5, 2008

A funny thing happened on the way to the wake

Gem called me crying to ask me to take over as she was winding down. As I'm creepin' down Laudanum I see none other that Aleister himself! Out in the open. I step out of the shadows and have a chat.

"I am here to pay my respects to the Founder. I have no threats or deceptions this night." He says this in his Swiss/Belgian accent that I'm too lazy to write out.

"Fair enough" I say. "You've had some staffing problems lately haven't you?"

He rolled his eyes at me. "For that reason I have abandoned my plans to take Winterfell by force. And now with the Hydra freed, we have a common enemy far more dangerous than we are to each other. I wish to arrange a d├ętente."

Then he tells me that he still supplies most of Winterfell with bloodwine which is why a sparsely populated region like this is crawling with vampires and the human population is neither dying off nor constantly anemic. If we kill him off, the vamps might get hungry and wander south into Caledon for midnight snacks before they find new suppliers. Furthermore he'll start supplying Dr. Mason again for his Reanimation Serum ingredient as long as he leaves him alone.

"You mean I didn't have to hunt game for blood??"

"You staked me before I could tell you."


He couldn't come in when he saw Lumina's glow through the window. It's that sunlight thing.

"An excellent choice...for you. I have one warning before I leave. Your sister, Qlippothic. She is in league with the Old Ones. She uses the Eye of Yog Sothoth to circumvent the Edict on the Masons against time travel! Mark my words! She must be purged of her madness or she will unleash horrors upon us far more dangerous than the Hydra!"

Before I could voice my opinion he vanished in the mist. Such Drama.

Oh, I updated the Heroes and Villains entries. Look down.

~K the K

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