Friday, July 10, 2009

the final task

The Bloodtail stared back at up at the crimson neko perched on the shredded throne. The ruler of the remnants of Erebus, in turn, gazed back down at the feline, who balanced the massive blade over his shoulders.

Prince Vortex leaped quietly down to the ash strewn clay of the crater floor. "I am gratefully relieved at your return, Koen."

"I'm not happy about it. But I know what has to be done." He glanced behind the throne at the glistening red wall of scales.

"Joining us will be its reward. We shall be One. We shall be the undisputed King of Erebus!"

The black cat twirld the blade absently in his red paws. "You were looking for this too? This antique?"

Vortex halted, and stood motionless just out of swinging range of the sword. "The Sword of the Blood Wing Knight was forged when the gods were young to slay their eternal foes, the Titans. The Hydra shall not regenerate from its steel. It shall perish forever. And we shall rebuild this citadel to...

"BULLSHIT!" The word echoed through round walls of the crater, and the scales rippled like a see of grinding blades. The two turned and peered at the Bloodtail crouched at the edge of the crater.

"That's not me, you idiot! I'm the real Koen!"

"LIAR!" Screamed the other Bloodtail, who turned away from the prince, charging towards the cliff with sword raised with both arms overhead.

A scowl carved into the face of the Prince. His hands burst into dark flame, and immediately both the challenger and the offended were frozen in place. "Two Bloodtails?" roared Vortex. "Explain!"

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